The Sanctuary at 190 Court

190 Court Street

Middletown, Connecticut 06457

Box Office: 860-685-3355


This 850 seat venue is in a horseshoe configuration and features an expansive balcony - providing excellent views from all vantage points.


One of the distinguishing features of First Church's architecture is the curving of the pews throughout the sanctuary. The pews focus on the frontal central raised pulpit, a convention of Congregationalist meeting houses going back to the seventeenth century. Churches were not commonly furnished with permanent pews before the Protestant Reformation. Radius curved pews maximize seating per floor area. They often include a subtle change in radius for every row. Only sheer handwork on the part of very experienced craftsmen can produce radius-curved pews, which are more expensive to manufacture than straight pews. But the curve aids visual and acoustic access to the service, and the sermon, especially in a time before electronic amplification. Thus, those who built First Church in 1872 made a special financial sacrifice to enhance worship.

Central City Productions, Middletown, CT The Sanctuary at 190 Court at First Church

Photo by Jason Neely


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